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I made another Fritz Haeg rug. 

Another?! Wow! Nice work. And Sammy-approved!

I love how these rugs give a new life and visibility to parts of our past. I sometimes think of the shirts I loved when I was 10, or 14, or 25. It would be lovely to be able to walk on those shirts now and to feel still the softness and youness that clothes get when you spend a long time with them.

We live in a world that both worships consumer goods and must constantly dispose of them in order to justify the purchase of new ones. Fritz’s art assignment has made me think a lot about this, and about what we lose when we disconnect goods from the process of their making.

Also, it’s just nice to have a super-soft rug made of things you’ve endowed with love.

Sorry if that doesn’t make sense. I’m going to be pretty meningitis-y for a while.






Seriously, do not do this. In no manner of speaking should you do this.

That is a photo of a glow stick in a Mountain Dew bottle.

Baking soda and peroxide creates a corrosive, and adding it to a carbonated drink will cause it to explode. It eats through solid concrete.


left out all the annoying happy responses to give you this PSA

I might reblog this everyday for a month if it kills this horrible circulating image.


Beauty and the Beast set in the 20’s.

A Detective is cursed to become a beast by a Fortune teller who saw no

love in his arrogant heart for others. The only way he can break the

spell is to learn to love another and earn her love in return before his

transformation completes. Beast takes refuge in an old inn at a grungy

sea port. There he hires lackeys to bring forth to him beautiful woman to

help break his spell. Beauty, a beautiful young flapper girl is brought to

Beast and he truly believes she is the one but Beauty views him as

nothing more than a monster as he views her as difficult and stubborn.

But soon Beasts life is threatened when rumors hit the streets of him

being a monster, stealing girls and eating people in their sleep. Beauty

is forced to help him but the two soon become much better acquainted

during their escapade. (totally ripped this off from the disney movie

summary but HAHA you get the point. Be sure to check back at my

Character Blog for upcoming sketches of these two.)

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